Got a question about shopping at ElieSys Computer Services?

Here’s a good place to find the answer. If your question isn’t here, or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact Customer Service.

How do I change my address?
Each time you order from ElieSys Computer Services®, you need to enter all your account information. We do not store your information as a “profile” or an “account” so you do not need to update any information until you place your next order. If you move or change your email address, simply enter the new information the next time you place an order, and that is the information we will use for that order.

Is my personal information safe?
Yes. ElieSys Computer Services® does not store any account information. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Can my “Ship to” address be different than my “Bill to” address?
Yes. Please note that your billing address must match that on file with your account at PayPal. Not all items can be shipped to all addresses.

Can I pick up my purchases at a ElieSys Computer Services® store?
No. ElieSys Computer Services® currently does business exclusively through it’s online store.

How do I check product availability?
AVAILABILITY of a product can be found in three separate places. When you search for an item, the Search Results page displays individual product availability. Availability is also displayed on an individual item Specs/Information page. And availability is listed when you add an item to your Shopping Cart. For an explanation of availability time frames, see Availabilities.

When will my order arrive?
To estimate the latest date your delivery may arrive, look at each item in your Shopping Cart and find the one with the longest “Usually ships in” days. Count the days, starting with the day you will be placing the order, and count forward on the calendar, but DO NOT count Saturday or Sunday. Then, add the number of days you chose for having your order shipped and count forward on the calendar. Again, DO NOT count Saturday or Sunday. (Although USPS does deliver on Saturdays, we cannot guarantee that this will occur.) You now have estimated the latest arrival date for your delivery.

What are the shipping options?
We ship standard, 2-day and overnight in the 48 continental United States. International options (standard, economy, priority) and rates are applied for Alaska and Hawaii. We apologize that we are temporarily unable to ship orders to Canada

What are my payment options?
At ElieSys Computer Services®, you can shop using your PayPal account. American Express Card, Discover Card, MasterCard, VISA, debit cards and checks are currently not accepted.

What is your return policy?
Returns/exchanges require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, which is valid for 10 days. To obtain an RMA Number, contact Customer Service. For additional information, see How to Return an Item and read our Return Policy.

Can I order products from ElieSys Computer Services® over the phone?
Yes. While shopping at ElieSys Computer Services is safe and secure, we realize some shoppers would prefer to order by phone. Check out our extensive selection, then contact Customer Service. Please have a SKU number handy for faster service.

What if I want to shop at one of ElieSys Computer Services® retail locations?
ElieSys Computer Services® does not currently have a retail location. Only online.

I have a technical concern with this website. What should I do?
If you have website related issues, contact Customer Service.

Which web browsers are recommended for viewing ElieSys Computer Services®?
ElieSys Computer Services® works with most popular browsers on PC and Mac including Firefox 3.6.10 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, or other compatible browsers that support JavaScript, cookies and Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). Using older browsers, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features such as JavaScript, cookies and SSL, may reduce site functionality.