Growth Strategies


Independent IT Management Consulting Services

We believe IT decision-making should not be left up solely to your vendors, CFO, or inertia

Our Partnership Approach

We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients.
That loyalty reflects our partnership approach; we listen carefully, ask questions, explain clearly, and stand behind our work.

We are committed to:

  • Meet with you and your team members face to face
  • Listen to your goals, current frustrations, and lost opportunities
  • Ask questions to get a clear understanding of your business, processes, and your IT business alignment
  • Develop technology plans that fit your business while accommodating future growth
  • Avoid disrupting business as a result of technology implementations wherever possible

Third-Party Independent IT Audit Review

Need a second opinion on how your IT department is functioning?
Having trouble determining if your IT Budget & Staffing makes sense?
Are your systems out of date, but you don’t know the best path forward?
Unsure if your current CIO or VP of Technology is the right person?

CIO-for-Hire and Independent IT Technology Planning Services

As CIOs for hire, we have a reputation for achieving client goals and business growth. We use technology to achieve those goals and create that growth. The technology planning needed to grow an organization is a leading factor to its success. We focus on business realities while planning and designing business aligned systems. As independent IT management consultants in the technology world, our recommendations are not tied to a specific hardware vendor or software product. Our recommendations are unbiased and based on your needs.

IT Due Diligence

Are you a private equity (PE) or venture capital (VC) firm?

We understand that the technology landscape is constantly changing. From virtualization, cloud services, to mobile accessibility we help you make sense of what is really happening under the hood. We then relate that knowledge to the business overall including integration costs and benefits for a merger.

For sellers, we help you get the most bangs for your buck highlighting unique systems and uncovering problems before the buyers arrive. Thereby giving you the platform to determine the best way to get your IT infrastructure in shape.

IT Systems Evaluation

A few examples of the technologies we evaluate to accomplish your business growth objectives:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) – Smarter decision making through business intelligence
  • Automation – Sales force, manufacturing, and supply chain
  • Reporting – Tracking and reporting tools
  • Analysis – Data mining and analysis
  • CRM – customer relationship management
  • BPI – business process improvement
  • Demand forecasting and statistical modeling
  • ERP – enterprise resource planning